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Welcome! ^_^

This is the Vocaloid Fansite Wikia which is, if you haven't noticed, a website where Vocaloid fans can write their own fanfictions, make Vocaloid characters and there will be grand contests soon for all users as a ceremony for the opening of this wikia. If you need any help, go straight to the admins' message wall and they can surely help you!

Enjoy your stay here. :)

A Brief Ramble Shout Out from HetaStuckWorts4137

This wiki, as explained above, is for making fanloids (a combination of the word fanon and vocaloid), fanfictions, and many other exciting things! I do hope you enjoy your stay here, and that you don't get into any fights, or provoke others... Now this wiki, like every other wiki, has rules that each user must follow, so you can check in the Forums page, and you'll find a discussion that the founder has made about the rules (feel free to add a rule suggestion, I know I did) and so on. Feel free to create a chat session! Or a RP-discussion! Now that Pip is done with her rambles.

Well here we are again, it's always such a pleasure. Remember when you tried to kill me twice..? PSYCHE! Terezi Pyrope screen lick Hetastuckworts4137 Messages 13:47, July 24, 2014 (UTC)

News and Announcements

  • We've started posting articles to this wikia!
  • We're working on setting up all of our editing policies, templates, guides and more. You can check the forums section and find the thread discussing the rules ^_^
  • Make some new pages to help this wikia grow!
  • You can come here to vote for screen-names for each vocaloid - here

Our Administrators

MonsterGirl2002 (founder), Hetastuckworts4137, IdioticPerfectionist, Jasmin231, and many others.

Original Character of the Month


Ayaka Naomi (絢香ナオミ) is a fan-made Vocaloid. She likes pop music and prefers to not listen to any rock/punk music since she claims that it affects her hearing. Naomi is a hyper and outspoken robot humainoid who never takes no for an answer. Come back next time to see a OCOTM update!

Check out her kawaii profile here!

(You can come here to vote for the character - here)