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    Yomi's Idea

    August 1, 2014 by IdioticPerfectionist

    Hello wikians~

    I was wondering, since it IS a Vocaloid fandom, why not we include songs made by our OCs?

    What I was thinking was we didn't have to actually go on a recording studio and sing as our OCs. Maybe we can get already-made songs and just state that our OCs sang it? It's kind of like grabbing an actor and choosing him/her as our OCs portrayer.

    So, why not?

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  • IdioticPerfectionist


    July 24, 2014 by IdioticPerfectionist

    Hello everyone!

    I'm assuming every wikian here is from EAHFandom, so I do not need to introduce myself. But just in case,

    Hello! I am IdioticPerfectionist, previously knoened as GorjesterMaster. I'm from EAHFandom and MHFandom Wiki.

    When I saw Sabby advertising this wiki, I freaked out. Seriously.

    I mean, I love OCs, I love Vocaloid, I love wikis! PERFECT~

    I look forward to contributing in this fabulous wiki.

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