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  • I live in Canada, British Columbia.
  • I was born on April 21
  • My occupation is being on social media, listening to music, eat junk food, and enjoy!
  • I am a girl
  • AnitaTotallyRocks

    Okay so I was on the Community Central chat when I found out people were talking about some different wikis. There was a CC admin on the chat too, and she said: "All children under 13 will be banned from every wiki and now I'll be currently investigating". Something like that.

    I'm totally serious, someone mentioned Vocaloid Fansite Wiki. They said wikis like MHFWiki, EAHFWiki, or maybe VFansiteWiki must have COPPA. They NEVER mentioned EAHFWiki or MHFWiki, but someone heard about our wikia so I'm just showing off examples so you can understand....

    COPPA means "Children's Online Privacy Protection Act". People keep saying "COPPA" and I never understood what it meant so I looked it up from the online dictionary. Here is what it says: 

    The Child…

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  • AnitaTotallyRocks

    Hey Vocaloid fans!

    I was thinking that we should do a school for something. I know it's not the best name for a school, but maybe Vocaloid High? Maybe it should be a Japanese school name. We can do nice girls, mean girls, boys, dramas, and all kinds of imaginative stuff.

    It's just my idea! ^_^

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