Ryu Arashi
Biographical Information
Gender Female
Age 15 years, one year older tha the kagamine twins
Height 5,1 ft
Weight 43.01 kg
Alias Ryu
Ethnicity Chinese and Japanese her mom is japanese her dad chinese
Technical Information
Series Type Fan made vocaloids
Series No. 087
Chara Item a flower
Voice a japanese singer named ikimono gakari
Opt genre Pop
Additional Information
Creator Inibi Uchiha
Illustrator Inibi Uchiha
Affiliation N/A
 Ryu Arashi is a fanmade vocaloid,she likes to sing Pop



she is a kind character,she likes to hang with friends and her BF Natsuki Kai,she loves staying with her mom Fen Ai and her sister Ryu Emi 


she has white hair and pink eyes,he oufit is a light blue mini kimono,black boots and light blue with black headphones,her beach oufit would be a light blue bikini and a black flower