Amai Kashi
Vocaloid OC - Hana Kashi
Biographical Information
Gender Female
Age 11
Height 4'8/142cm
Weight 92lbs
Alias NONE
Ethnicity Japanese
Technical Information
Series Type Fan OC
Series No. 009
Chara Item Large Candy Cane
Voice  ???
Opt genre J-Pop
Additional Information
Creator YnnejMeow
Illustrator YnnejMeow
Affiliation  ???

Amai Kashi (or Kashi Amai in Japanese) is a fanloid made by YnnejMeow. She likes to sing upbeat songs but may also sing J-Pop. Amai is a Japanese Fanloid. In this page, you can find out more about her!



  • She can act like a tsundere
  • Amai is socially awkward so it's rare to see her singing with another vocaloid
  • She HATES it when people taller than her pat her head
  • Though she doesn't show this trait, she is cowardly


​Amai has long, purple hair with lavender tips that is tied into a ponytail to her left with a black hair bauble. She has two curls on the top of her head showing she is kind of carefree. Her eyes are amber while her skin in pale. She wears a light blue shirt with a black ribboned bow, a white belt with one large light blue circles and three small light blue ones forming a triangle to its left. Amai's shirt has two curved white stripes below the belt. She wears white fingerless gloves that has metal bracelets around it and a light blue trimming. She also wears white socks and boot with light blue trimmings too. Around her left thight, there is a white ring around it with a light blue rectangle. Amai is never seen with her eraphones and phones. Her earphones are plugged into her phone with the controller just below her mouth white the earbuds re in her ears. Under her light grey skirt, she wears dark grey shorts. On her lower left arm, it has 'HK009' written on it.


  • Singing
  • Purple, Blue and White
  • Listening To Music
  • Dancing
  • Sleeping
  • Being Alone For Most Of Their Time
  • British Food
  • Tea


  • Coffee
  • Dark Places
  • Revealing Clothes
  • Show-Offs
  • Running&Sports


  • ​Short-Tempered
  • Immature
  • A Bit Clumsy
  • Bossy


  • Spiders
  • Closed Spaces
  • Heights

​Biological InfoEdit









​Kagamine Rin - They sometimes likes to sing songs together but when Rin fails, Amai would yell at her.

Meiko - The two would hang out but Amai gets jealous because she has a flat chest while Meiko has bigger breasts.


Yuki - This is Amai's pet cat. Amai would often pet him to relieve stress and likes to play games with him.


​Sonika - The two would start fighting whenever one would insult the other. They also seem to compete with each other in singing a LOT.

Fun Facts! Edit

  • She is allergic to any type of berries
  • She hates Summer and Winter and would prefer Spring
  • She's lazy
  • Her name translates to 'Sweet Lyrics'
  • She is self-concious of her body