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Quotation1 Such innocent words coming from that petite mouth covered in 50 cent lip smackers, oh gosh sorry I forgot to not be mean, uh, how can I repay you, more lip smackers? Quotation2
Hanako Akane (花子 茜)
Biographical Information
Gender Female
Age Appears 16, real age is unknown.
Height 5'7"
Weight 127 ibz (58kg)
Alias Akane-Nee
Ethnicity Japanese
Technical Information
Series Type Fan-made
Series No. Unknown
Chara Item More often than not Akane has been seen with a large ruler that's been drawn on with pink and blue texta in a criss-cross pattern.
Voice Unknown
Opt genre Pop is her usual style of singing, yet she can also do a rock genre.
Additional Information
Creator Blue-Ribbonz
Illustrator Blue-Ribbonz
Affiliation Unknown

Hanako Akane is a Japanese vocaloid who more often than not sings quite fast, pop songs, yet she also tends to lean more towards rock.



Akane is a sweet-talking vocaloid who can more or less be a show-off without thinking. She enjoys humming along to songs and can blurt out random words or phrases to change the mood of whatever scene is going on around her. She is often forgetting lines to her own songs, and tends to cover it up with a line that usually involves the word "sorry" in the tune to the original line. She is quite social and isn't afraid to confront others about things, despite her forgetful nature. She also forgets names quite easily, and will usually just call people "Kawaii Hito-chan" Which translates into "Cute Person" and she will call people who she finds distaste in "Okotte Tamashi-kun" which roughly translates into mad soul

Akane is rarely on time for things, since she forgets to wake up most mornings and it's quite normal for her to sleep in. She is often late for events. She enjoys bragging about being late as if it's a good thing, as if trying to get away with it.

Her opinion on romance is pretty much the same for every teenage human female, having crushes, keeping her feelings pretty much inside, but the way she expresses her feelings, is quite confusing. She'll change the nickname "Kawaii Hito-chii" and often drag one of her friends with her when she goes to talk to the person.


Akane may be one of the many socialites in the vocaloid community who's bright and active, but unlike many of them, there is more too her than it seems. Akane was automatically desipsed by the people who made her due to being more or less "normal" and she was sent to the recyling plant where they were to wreck her, but Akane wasn't wiling to let herself die just because of a common trait she had with so many of the other vocaloids, so she used all the scraps of recyclables around her to escape, thought it took a long time, Akane peiced together something along the lines of a wand, and it was all metal. She held onto it tight but realized just in time she is metal, so she would be taken up to the roof by the mechanics on her own, which happened. Akane felt particularly safe, well, until she saw the fire. She started to freak out, and her screams made the people controlling the different parts of the recylable lab to worry, thinking there was a human girl in there. They quickly shut everything off and searched through all the rubble, which gave Akane the chance to escape.


Akane has brown hair with a blonde dip-die that goes to her lower back and is more often that not curled in some places and straightened in others. She has extremely pale blue eyes that are usually liner with dark eyeliner and long mascara. She has a pale-Caucasian skin tone and is more often than not blushing. She is of an average weight for her height and can be relatively a bit bigger than the average for her age.


  • Hanako Akane's name is based off Akane Mahougasawa's name from When Her Flag Breaks or Kanojo ga Flag o Oraretara