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This is my first attempt at subbing a video, so I realize it may be anything less than perfect. I'm really sorry if the words blend in with the background, but it seems fine on my computer, so it would be greatly appreciated if you could inform me (politely) and I will try to correct the problem. By the way, if you comment on my video solely to pick on every little inaccuracy made, you will be ignored. If you want it to be so accurate, then make your own. Of course, any corrections to big mistakes will be made if you tell me (again, politely). If you think this video was done well and would like to see more from me, feel free to tell me through a PM or a channel comment. I will also do Spanish subs. Thank you very much, and enjoy. :]

Song: World is Mine Artist: Len Kagamine (Vocaloid) MP3: Video download: Disclaimer: Do not own video. The original is from Nico Nico Douga. Do not own song. All I did was subtitle.

--Translated Lyrics-- The number one princess in the whole entire world I know by heart how to treat you like that Don't I?

First, I notice that your hairstyle is different from usual Second, I should bow down really low whenever I meet you So sorry! Third, I will go along with every selfish desire you ask for with a pretty concise response I understand, so forgive me now for taking your hand I really don't think you're selfish But I do think you're pretty cute. I just don't like saying it in front of you!

The number one princess in the whole entire world I promise I'll be by your side forever So keep smiling And if you ask me, we're one when we're together I'll never leave you, princess DAISUKI DAYO! (I love you!)

Check 1, 2 Aaa!

A fault? She has countless! I've never had a day where she says nothing And she never really listens to her brother, ya know?

Well, but, yeah That innocent smile and the sweet voice that calls my name I don't hate that. Oh shut up... I'd never say that. After all, you're the princess. I really don't think you're selfish, But can't you lend me a hand sometimes?

My number one princess in the whole entire world You're more precious to me than anybody else I'll be the one to hold your hand. Aren't you satisfied with me? I didn't mean that! I was just joking! Seriously! WA! You really don't understand! I was truly just joking

Remember the first song we sang together? OK. "Green is the enemy, right?" Nothing, nothing. I'll never forget anything Those are the memories with my princess "Don't tell me you remembered?" "You remembered it too." Of course I remembered. Because you are...

The number one princess in the whole entire world I'll keep watching you, so stay as you are. Suddenly, I reached out with my right hand and squeezed. "I just wanted to hold it, that's all." And when she presses back... My princess is certainly the best!

Aaa! Oh, baby... Aaa!!!!

--Romaji version-- Sekai de ichi-ban ohime sama Souiu atsukai kokoro-ete iru Daro

Sono-ichi itsumo to chigau kami-gata ni Kizuke teru hazu

Sono-ni chanto kutsu made miruno wa・・・ Gomen

Sono-san omae no wagamama niwa Futatsu henji de tsukiai masu yo Wakatta kara tewo toru dakede ima wa Kanben shiro yo!

Betsuni wagamama datowa omowa nai keredo Dakedo iwanai dakede chanto omotteru Kawaii tte

Sekai de ichi-ban ohime sama Soba ni iru zutto na Dakara zutto waratte te Omae to ore wa futari de hitori Hanareru koto Shinai kara, nee, ohime-sama Dai suki dayo

Check one two

Ahhhh !!!

Ketten? kazoe kirenai hodo arushi monku wo iwanai hi naishi

soremo, oreno hanashi zenzen kikaneshi ttaku ma, demo, hora muku na egao toka ore yobu koe toka kirai janai

urusai na hottoke yo damattero 「ohime-sama」wa sa

betsuni wagamama datowa omowa nai keredo dakedo tama niwa ore nimo yasashiku narimasen ka?

sekai de ore hitori no ohime-sama dare yori mo daiji dayo sono tewo nigiru nowa mada ore hitori ja fuman nano? nante uso joudan datteba, maji de!

zettai omae wa wakatte nai! hontoni joudan da!

saisho ni utatta uta wa nanda? Ok, midori wa teki datta yona zenbu zenbu wasure masen ohime-sama tono omoide dashi sa

wasurete naino? nante iuna omae datte, oboeten jan touzen daro? datte omae wa

sekai de ichi-ban ohime-sama chanto miteru kara sonomama de ireba ii fuini nobasita migite kyuu ni gyutto sa!

「nigitte mitakatta dake」

sou iuto nigiri kaesareta yappa ohime-sama ga ichi-ban

(I was not the one that typed this out. Credit goes to whoever did. I forgot where I got it so...)

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