Okay, so lets all be glad that I have decided to start by August for the character of the month. 

Now lets get onto how you will vote and the rules....

  • No voting for your OCs.
  • No advertisements to vote for your OCs.
  • Vote for as much characters you want.
  • If an OC, had already became COTM, do not vote for them again.
  • Do not whine or complain if your OC hasn't became character of the month, everyone will get their turn one day.
  • If I have forgotten to add anything here, it will be added and counted as an official rule.
  • You must follow the instructions on how to vote:
  • You simply add the links to the OCs' page and those will be your votes.
  • The character of the month will be decided according to the amount of votes. The OC with most votes will win.
  • It might be possible I forgot anything here so I will add if so and you must follow it.

That's all! Vote away my fellow users... (Even though there isn't much OCs here, the votes must go on!)