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Role-playing Rules

  • No disturbing, inappropriate things that involve nudity, sexual themes and anything else. There are younger users here and they shall be respected.
  • No swear words during role-plays.
  • Fights and arguments between OCs or between actual users on role-playing threads are restricted.
  • Do not start chatting with someone through a role-playing threads. If you would like to speak with someone, it would be best to talk to them on their message wall or on chat.
  • If I have forgotten anything, it shall be added here and counted as an official rule.
  • You are not allowed to role-play as another user's OC.
  • When role-playing as a canon character, make sure they are not OOC. (Out Of Character)
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Maybe you should add 'No rping as another user's oc', and when rping as a canon character, make sure they're not OOC (out-of-character).

Ah, those are good ones. 

You're welcome >8)


A few of those rules all fall under godmod~ :3 Maybe put something about killing other users characters, or your own. idk

Yeah, no killing off characters, especially killing off canon characters just because you hate them or something.

I'll write that down once I get the chance...
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