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Rules~ (Please Read)

  • No swearing on any pages nor on chat.
  • Do not ask to become an admin. The founder will choose the admins as she wishes.
  • The forums are for role-playing, general discussions, games and this one is only to be used for admins for news and announcements.
  • No trolling, spamming, rude actions, threatening, swearing, arguments, fights, inappropriate things at all, or else you will get a block.
  • You cannot role-play on characters' pages (in the comments). If you would like to role-play with someone (or more) in precise, please go to chat to role-play.
  • Be respectful towards admins.
  • This wikia is for all ages so do not tell admins to block users because of their age.
  • If they is an actual situation, do not hesitate and you should see an admin right away.
  • If I forgot anything here, I will add it as soon as possible and it must be counted as an actual rule.
  • Driver pages are allowed here.
  • As for the OCs, simple and plain personalities are not tolerated. They should have at least 2-4 paragraphs of personality. 
  • No recoloring, stealing nor claiming any artworks at all. If they do not belong to you, do not post them here. Even if you have the permission of the creator of the artwork. 

Enjoy! ^_^

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Also, another rule we should put: No recoloring a picture that isn't yours, or stealing a picture made by someone else, or claiming a picture to be yours.

  • face palm*

Why are you face-palming, huh?


beacuse i made that -.-

Actually, I used Google Search Image and I found the exact image with the hair a lot more detailed.


that is luka -.-

I am fully aware that is Luka, and you even admit that it was Luka and not Yukiko.



That's a good idea but you two should really stop spamming for once. xD I expect one message but them there is a bunch following it. xD
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